Model 1

2016-06-11 15:29:03Posted by W.Pastuch


Dear Friends,

I am very excited to present my new collection of pipes called Model I.
This is a new kind of pipe for me, as it's the first time I have ever purposefully recreated the same shape more than once.
The Model I pipes were first presented earlier this year at The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen where I brought the first 5 pieces and now there are 3 pieces available in today's update.
The idea behind these pipes is to create a "smoker's favorite" kind of pipe. Not the most elaborate, not the most expensive, in a comfortable size and simple shape- a faithful everyday companion. A pipe that is fully handmade, has the same engineering as my unique, numbered pieces but one that can be offered in a more accessible price range simply because of the repeatability of the process involved in creating more pieces in the same shape.
I wish for these pipes to become close friends for their owners. Pipes that bring comfort,  that can be enjoyed everyday, both in full relaxation and on busy days, whenever you want a pipe that is tasty, sturdy and trustful. A pipe that will simply become a reliable tool and a hardly noticeable extension of your body.


The Model I shape will be available in different finishes and can also be made in various sizes. Please contact me if you are interested in a particular finish/size combination.



fresh from the shop

2016-03-03 09:26:09Posted by W.Pastuch


Something a bit unusual, it's available so get it before it swims away!

2 pipes for the New Year!

2016-01-11 09:33:14Posted by W.Pastuch


Dear Friends,

First of all, since this is the first newsletter in 2016, I would like to wish you all the best for the next twelve months, I hope this year will be happy and peaceful for all of you!

So to start off well I have two new pipes for you.

The first is a fairly classical shape with a personal twist. A bent apple shape made of Strawberry wood (Arbutus Unedo)- a burl very similar to briar but more lightweight, more porous and with a very interesting sandblasting pattern. This pipe sports a natural horn decoration and is fitted with a comfortable ebonite mouthpiece.


The second one is possibly the craziest shape I made in 2015. This pipe was a lot of fun to create. I just allowed myself to play with the briar and follow whatever the wood suggested. The final effect is this twisted fish shape that has been fitted with a cumberland mouthpiece. This pipe is actually very comfortable to hold as the curves provide good holding spots for your fingers. Exploring this shape as you smoke it will be a very pleasant experience and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did enjoy making it.



Check out the Available pipes section to see more photos and measurements of these pipes.

If you have any inquiries regarding thess or other pipes, feel free to contact me.

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