New pipe - strawberry wood with horn

2017-01-13 09:53:03Posted by W.Pastuch


Dear Friends,

I'm happy to present the first new pipe on my website in the New Year.

I hope 2017 has welcomed you gently and will bring many joys, such as this little sandblasted pipe :)

It is not often that a piece of strawberry wood will have a nice and uniform color that allows it to be left in it's natural, light color. The shank ends with a cream colored natural horn extension. I hope you will appreciate the sandblasting, which is difficult to show on photographs because of the light color but is certainly interesting and deep - enough to keep you coming back to this pipe over and over again.


Wojtek Pastuch


Two fresh pipes

2016-11-04 00:00:43Posted by W.Pastuch


Dear Friends,

It's been some time since the last update on my website and I finally have two pieces up today. My second ever strawberry wood pipe with a silver cap and a smaller smooth bent are available in the Available pipes section. Feel free to email me for any additional info.

Wojtek Pastuch

Model 1

2016-06-11 15:29:03Posted by W.Pastuch


Dear Friends,

I am very excited to present my new collection of pipes called Model I.
This is a new kind of pipe for me, as it's the first time I have ever purposefully recreated the same shape more than once.
The Model I pipes were first presented earlier this year at The Danish Pipe Shop in Copenhagen where I brought the first 5 pieces and now there are 3 pieces available in today's update.
The idea behind these pipes is to create a "smoker's favorite" kind of pipe. Not the most elaborate, not the most expensive, in a comfortable size and simple shape- a faithful everyday companion. A pipe that is fully handmade, has the same engineering as my unique, numbered pieces but one that can be offered in a more accessible price range simply because of the repeatability of the process involved in creating more pieces in the same shape.
I wish for these pipes to become close friends for their owners. Pipes that bring comfort,  that can be enjoyed everyday, both in full relaxation and on busy days, whenever you want a pipe that is tasty, sturdy and trustful. A pipe that will simply become a reliable tool and a hardly noticeable extension of your body.


The Model I shape will be available in different finishes and can also be made in various sizes. Please contact me if you are interested in a particular finish/size combination.



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